Trekking in West Papua's Rainforest

New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. It has attracted the attention of world explorers since hundreds of years ago. Scientists such as Alfred Russel Wallace (1858) came to Dorey bay in Manokwari and trekked the rainforest of the region to find birds of paradise. The official website of Papua Insects Foundation has got some information about Prince Leopold III and Princess Astrid from Belgium who visited Manokwari, and Arfak mountains from December 1928 to May 1929.

Today tens of species of birds of paradise are still being hunted for their beautiful feather. They are traded and collected by wealthy people in Indonesia. Preserved skin of birds of paradise are often found in the living rooms of high ranking government officials or businessmen. To curb the hunting of birds of paradise and the logging of tropical rainforest, I introduce trekking trips to tourists who are interested in taking tours in the jungle. When tourists go trekking in the rainforest of West Papua, they will be guided by some Papuan villagers. I will accompany them as an interpreter. It is not only birds of paradise which trekkers will see. Our rainforest is high in bio-diversity. Deers, boars, cuscus, monitor lizards and kangaroo also live in the jungle.

Dutch tourists were trekking in rainforest of Manokwari
Dutch tourists were hiking in rainforest

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