IMOO is a popular watch phone for children. Parents buy and give it to their children so that they could communicate with them when they are at school or when they go playing with their friends in the neighborhood. Parents can call their children and advise them to avoid playing dangerous games or tell them to return home if necessary. Most parents will feel calm if they can communicate with their children and know where they are.

jam tangan imoo Y1 untuk anak-anak
Jam tangan untuk anak-anak Imoo watch phone

The company that makes the phone have launched several types of this gadget. The basic version is imoo Y1that allows parents and children to call or send text messages. There is a special feature in the wrist watch where children can send SOS message to their parents without having to type the massage letter by letter. This basic version is much cheaper than the more advanced one.

 Jam tangan anak Imoo Y1
Jam tangan telpon untuk anak-anak

More advanced versions like imoo Z2 and Z5 allow parents to accurately monitor their children whereever they are using GPS. The latest model is Z6. It has got several educational apps such as Raja Hitung, Happy Words, Duduro, Puff Land and Himalayan. These apps enable children to learn English, learn English and new things that they capture using the camera of their watch. With 4G LTE network, the watch phone has emerged as a small but powerful computer that accompanies children in cyber age. Imoo ocupies most of this market segments especially in South East Asian Countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philipines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

All of the imoo watch phones are water resistant. They also have got powerful speakers that allow children to talk with their parents easily.

Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to restrict their social movements and avoid going to crowded places. Parents who provide watch phone for their children are able to monitor the movements of their kids, remind them to do their homeworks or call them to go back home for lunch.

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