Magnificent Bird of Paradise

Male Magnificent Bird of Paradise (Diphyllodes magnificus)
Magnificent Bird of Paradise

Magnificent Bird of Paradise (Diphyllodes magnificus) is a paradise bird that lives in tropical rainforest of New Guinea especially in mid-mountain region. The male and female birds are sexually dimorphic. They can easily be watched at their display court. The recommended destinations for watching the Magnificent Bird of Paradise are Ayapokiar village in Tambrauw mountains and several places in Arfak range.

Interested in Visiting Tambrauw Mountains?

There is a nice guesthouse located in Ayapokiar village which visitors can stay during their tour in the region. To go to the village, you need to fly from Manokwari city to District Kebar. After that, you can continue your trip to District Senopi where you will need to meet a Catholic priest who works in the district. He can organize a 4WD transport car that can bring you to Ayapokiar village. Before leaving for the village, inform him.

Usually, villagers put a big Red Pandanus Fruit on a wooden frame near the court to attract the birds. When female birds come to eat the grain of the fruit, the male Magnificent BOP will also come and invite them to his display court. Usually, there are several saplings standing inside the the court. Early in the morning, Male Magnificent Bird of Paradise lands on the ground of his display court to clear it from fallen leaves and twigs. When he has done his chores, he will hop on to the branch of one of the saplings and begin calling his female counterparts.

Male Magnificent Bird of Paradise hops from one sapling to another chasing and displaying his beautiful feather to his female counterparts that come to his display court. He expands his chest, back feather and plays his tailed antennas to attract the female bird that he likes. If she is impressed with the beauty of his performance, she will give an ok gesture to him for mating.

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