Snorkeling Tour in Raja Ampat

Coral Reef Environment in Waigeo island of Raja Ampat
Coral Reef in Waigeo island of Raja Ampat

I offer an adventure tour to south-eastern region of Raja Ampat where participants can enjoy swimming and snorkeling at uninhabited islands, go hiking and birding in the jungle, visit coastal village of Papuan people and see the wonderful scenery of the archipelago. The tour is based on the following itinerary:

Day 1
We will leave Sorong city for south-east region of Waigeo island. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach it. Arriving at the guesthouse, we will unload our bags and check into the rooms. After a long trip from your country, you need to take a rest for a while. Lunch will be served to supply you with more energy needed for your adventure in Raja Ampat.

You could enjoy snorkeling at the house reef of the guesthouse. Prepare your snorkeling gear. Applying some liquid soap on the glasses of your mask will prevent fogging when you are in the water. Make sure that when you wear your snorkeling googles, they are perfectly fit on your face. Remove hair that is stuck between your face and sealing rubber of your mask. When everything is ok, you can start exploring the marine life at the front waters of your guesthouse. If you bring underwater camera, you can take pictures of Christmas Tree Worm, Burrowing Clams, Sea Stars, Table Corals and a lot of species of reef fish such as butterflyfish, wrasse, parrotfish, and a lot more.

Snorkeling in Raja Ampat archipelago.
Snorkeling Tour in Raja Ampat Islands

Day 2
We will wake up early in the morning at 04.30 and make preparation. Wear clothing that is suitable for walking inside the rainforest of Waigeo island. Dark T-shirt, long pants/ jeans, binoculars, and sport-shoes or hiking boots are needed for this early morning trip. After drinking tea/ coffee and having some biscuits or bread, we will leave our guesthouse for a beach in the south of Waigeo. Upon reaching the beach, we will start hiking to a hill where we will watch Paradise bird. It takes around 1 hour to reach the birding ground. we will watch birds until around 09.00.
Back to the guesthouse, we will have brunch (combined breakfast and lunch). We will enjoy snorkeling at the other side of the uninhabited island of Mioskon to see striped surgeonfish, grouper, damselfish, butterflyfish, anemonefish, moorish idol, blenny, pipefish, snappers and etc. An underwater camera will be needed for taking pictures of marine life.

Day 3
After that we will continue our trip to Gam island where we can enjoy snorkeling, birding. In the afternoon when the tide is low, we can visit sand bank that emerges from the sea. There are a lot of fish in the shallow waters.

Day 4
We will explore the karst islets in Kabui bay. We will visit some snorkeling sites and also see a lot of beautiful islands in the bay. If it is possible, we can go hiking to the top of one of the islets to see and take beautiful pictures of its landscape. Overnight stay in the village

Day 5
A trip to Kali Biru

Day 6
Early in the morning, we will go further to sand bank, Kri and Mansuar islands to explore more coral reef sites. Fish in high density can be seen in Yenbuba, Sawondarek, Cape Mansuar and Batu Lima.

Day 7
A short tour around Waisai town and then to ferry harbor. We will go back to Sorong city by fast passenger ferry.

Snorkeling Adventure in the islands of Raja Ampat
Landscape View of some karst islets in Raja Ampat

Cost: It depends on the number of participants. I highly suggest that the number of participants should be at least 4 people to share the cost.
The cost includes transfortation by motorized boat between Sorong and north-east Raja Ampat islands, food, payment to local guides, and land owners, basic accommodation at the villager's house and in tents in the jungle.
The cost does not include: airfare, accommodation in a hotel in Sorong before and after the tour, travel insurance and other personal expenses.

Please, bring:
Your own snorkeling equipment, flashlight, sun-block-lotion, clothing that is suitable for beach, and tropical weather.
Tourists who are interested in joining the trip can contact me (Charles Roring) by e-mail to: or by sending text/ whatsapp message to +6281332245180
The above itinerary should be seen as reference only, it can be adjusted or altered depending on the weather condition.