Getting to Raja Ampat

Garuda Indonesia airplane Bombardier CRJ 1000 Wawiyai viewpoint in Kabui bay

Raja Ampat is a very popular tourist destination. Raja means King and Ampat means Four. Raja Ampat is a regency in Indonesia. Its capital is Waisai. Visitors need to go by plane from their country to Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia. After that they can continue their trip by taking domestic flight to Sorong city. Garuda, Sriwijaya, Batik Air provides regular scheduled flights. Arriving in Domine Eduard Osok (DEO) airport in Sorong city, visitors can continue their trip by fast ferry boat to Waisai.

There are more than one thousand big and small islands in Raja Ampat. Many of them are decorated with white sand beaches. The blue sea and pristine coral reef that surround the tropical islands of Raja Ampat is the natural habitat of thousands of species of marine creatures including manta, barracuda, anemonefish, parrotfish, coris, sea star, Christmas Tree Worm, table corals, Pulsating Xenid soft coral and a lot more

Scuba diving is a very popular activity among tourists who travel to Raja Ampat. However, the archipelago is also a nice place for visitors who like beach walk, swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, hiking, bird and wildlife watching as well as cultural interactions with local people. Islanders in Raja Ampat build bungalows to accommodate tourists who want to spend their vacation. These bungalows are mostly made of wood and palm leaves. Modern ceramic toilets are provided to serve tourists who come from big cities in Indonesia and abroad. These bungalows are locally called homestay.

Most people who spend their vacation in Raja Ampat will be offered excursions by homestay or resort owners to various places in the islands such as Piaynemo, Wayag, Kabui bay, sand bar, and karst in Misool. For this purpose, speed boats are provided

After spending 1 to 2 weeks traveling across Raja Ampat, visitors can continue their trip to other places in West Papua such as Tambrauw mountains and Manokwari or to Minahasa highland in North Celebes. Direct flights from Sorong city to Manado and Manokwari are available every day.

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