Sketch of A Female Figure in Reclined Position

drawing of a female figure in reclined position
Digital Drawing of a Lady Sitting at the Beach

Sketch of a lady sitting on a couch.
Manual Sketch of a Lady Sitting on a Sofa.

This is a pencil sketch of a lady in reclined pose. I drew it on my sketchbook using a piece of 2B pencil and an eraser as my tools. This lady was sitting in a relaxed position on a beach with the sea as her background during sunset time. Before making this drawing, I had to observe the contour lines of her figure from head to toes.

To draw accurately, I did observations especially on the proportions of human body and on the detailed lines of his or her hands and feet. When everything had been completed, I colored the drawing using Derwent Watercoloured Pencils. Later, I made the digital version of this artwork using Autodesk Sketchbook. The process was similar to the manual but instead of using pencils, and brush, I used a slim stylus on a smooth glass screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-pen. This smooth surface was very different from the rather rough surface of a drawing paper. After a lot of practices, I could control my hands when drawing straight lines and curves digitally.

I have made a lot of drawings of human figure for several years now but I feel that I need to do regular practice in order to improve my skill. I can draw life from a model or from people in my surroundings. The skill of drawing human figure is needed especially in fashion industry and in making animation whether it is a film or game.

I have got a lot of drawings of human figures that I create manually using ordinary art tools such as pencil, rubber, brush and watercolours. I make these drawings to improve my skills on how to draw human figures.
In addition to female figures, I also create a lot of artworks that are related to nature especially birds, flowers and butterlfies. The ones that have been uploaded onto zazzle and redbubbles were the Birds of Paradise, Hibiscus Flowers, and Birdwing Butterflies. So, they are now available as prints on various products such as t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, cell phone cases, bed cover, water bottles and a lot more.

Print on Demand (POD) manufacturing companies have given significant economic supports who fully depend on creating artworks. With the development of DTG (Direct to Garment) printers, artists now can sell their artworks in various products which people use every day. The products that bear the images of artworks which they love. The artworks are now embedded on articles in more affordable prices. So, drawings or paintings of artists can now have functional uses on daily life of everybody and not only be seen as as pure art that are hanged on the walls.