Ballerina Dance Art

I have just created a drawing of a ballerina dancing in the air using Autodesk Sketchbook software with stylus and vivo smartphone as my tool. The dancer was performing a high jump with both or her hands pointing upward. I created the artwork based on my previous drawing of a ballerina in the same pose but different clothing ornaments and colours.

digital drawing of ballet dance
A ballerina was performing jumping in the air

The above ilkustration of ballet dancer performing high jump is now available in my online artshops
Redbubble: Dancing in the Air

The ballet dance that was performed by a lady is now and artwork that can be ordered online through my redbubble or zazzle.

In nature, there is a bird that likes to perform a dance that is similar to human ballet dance. It is called Western Parotia (Parotia sefilata). The bird lives in higher elevation forest of Manokwari. A lot of tourists like to go to Mount Soyti to watch the paradise birds. To watch the ballet dance of this paradise bird, visitors need to wake up early in the morning at around 04.00. After making the necessary preparations, they can start walking to the watching site located around 40 minutes walk from the guesthouse. The path is steep and some visitors need walking stick. The male Western Parotia clears the dance floor from fallen leaves and twigs. He usually does some rehearsals too. He will call his mating partner first. When she comes, he will bow down and start his dance performance. It is a courtship dance. He hopes that of she is impressed with his performance, she will give a green light for him to mate with her.

western parotia bird was dancing ballet.
Male Western Parotia was performing a courtship dance

The dance performance can also be seen in the afternoon from approximately 15.00 to 17.00