Raja Ampat Tour from Bali

Tourist Attractions in Bali

Statue of Balinese dancer in Ubud, Bali
Statue of a Balinese dancer in Ubud

Rice Field in UbudRice field in Ubud

In Indonesia, the most popular tourist destination is Bali. People go there to see Balinese temples, traditional dances, Balinese Hinduism culture, or enjoy surfing at Kuta beach. Those who like birds, wildlife and rainforest can go to Bali Barat National Park. Its rainforest is the natural habitat of wild banteng and the famous Rothschild's Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi). Bali also has got beautiful coral reef sites in Nusa Menjangan, Lovina beach, Nusa Lembongan, Padang Bai, Nusa Penida. Ubud is the recommended site for visitors who are interested in seeing the art and culture of Balinese people. This town is surrounded by beautiful terraces of rice fields and farmland.

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After spending a few days in Bali, visitors usually want to explore other places such as Lombok, North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat islands. As of today, there is no direct flight from Denpasar city to Raja Ampat. Visitors need to fly to Makassar and then continue their trip to Sorong city. There is a hotel in the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar. Its name is Ibis Budget. Transit passengers can take a rest at this hotel before taking their next flight to Sorong city.

Traveling to Raja Ampat

Beautiful Scenery of Karst islets in Kabui bay of Raja Ampat islands
Beautiful Scenery of Kabui Karst in Raja Ampat

Most domestic airlines have got flights between Denpasar and Makassar. They also provide daily flights between Makassar and Sorong city. Tourists who want to buy airplane tickets from Denpasar Bali to Sorong city can buy tickets online using traveloka.com. It is the most popular website in Indonesia for buying airplane tickets and booking rooms in the hotel.

Sorong is the main gate to enter Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat is a very beautiful tourist destination in West Papua province of Indonesia. The regency is famous for its coral reef and marine life, tropical islands, and rainforest. Visitors who go there can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, beach walking, sunbathing, rainforest hiking, birdwatching and sightseeing tour by boat.

There are more than one thousand big and small islands in Raja Ampat most of them are surrounded by pristine coral reefs that are teeming with rich marine life. There are 1,577 reef fish species that have been recorded by marine scientists. No doubt that the archipelago has got the richest marine biodiversity in the world.

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