Raja Ampat Tours

As a tourist guide, I often organize tours for visitors who want to see the beauty of Raja Ampat, both its above the water landscape/ seascape, and its underwater marine life. The duration of the tour can be as short as 3 days/ 2 nights to 7 days/ 6 nights or even more with such activities as snorkeling, island hopping, as well as hiking, birding and wildlife watching tour.

Typical Itinerary

The following trip plan should be considered as reference only. It can be modified according to the needs of the visitors.

Device that you need to bring

For snorkeling, visitors need to bring their own mask, snorkel, and swimfins. A good underwater camera such as Gopro or Nikon W300 is also recommended. Every birdwatcher usually brings a pair of binoculars and a bridge camera with telephoto lens such as Nikon P1000 or Canon SX60HS, Sony Cybershot RX10 IV to take pictures of birds. Wildlife photographers, in general bring a D-SLR camera with telephoto lens such as Sigma 150-600 mm sport.

Sightseeing and Snorkeling

Raja Ampat is famous for its beautiful islands and marine life. So, it is natural if visitors go there to enjoy sightseeing and snorkeling tour. There are a lot of snorkeling sites. Some of them include: Yenbuba strait, some karst islets in Kabui bay, Friwen Wall, Five Rocks, Western areas of Mansuar island, Arborek, and Gam island. Usually, I choose a beach resort which functions as a base during the tours. For instance, Raja Ampat Paradise Resort at Warduwer beach of Waigeo island. Every morning, snorkeling and sightseeing tour can be organized from the resort to islands or beaches that I mention above.


For rainforest birding tour in Raja Ampat, Waigeo is a very good destination. It is a big island with a lot of birdlife. Visitors who go birding in Waigeo will get the chance to watch Willie Wagtail, Mimic Meliphaga, Puff-backed Meliphaga, Sacred Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, Beach Kingfisher, Radjah Shelduck, Palm Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Red-cheeked Parrot, Yellow-faced Myna, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Eastern Osprey, Pink-spotted Fruit Dove, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Red Bird of Paradise, and Wilson's Bird of Paradise, Torresian Crow, and a lot more.


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