Hibiscus Flower and Birdwing Butterfly

Hibiscus flowers grow in tropical region. They are huge number of varieties depending on their geographical locations. Some of them include Hibiscus tiliaceus that grows along the beach particularly in a lagoon and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis that we can find in front yards of tropical houses. The Red Hibiscus flower plants can grow to a height of around 6 meters and has got flowers all year round. Hibiscus flowers are big and can be seen in various colors depending on their species. There are yellow, white, pink, orange, or combination of red and white colors in each petals. Some flowers are edible or used as in certain traditional rituals.

Birdwing Butterfly Ornithoptera priamus

The color and soft fragrance of Hibiscus flowers attract insects to eat its nectar. One of them is Birdwing Butterfly whose wingspan can reach 22 cm. Birdwing butterflies are beautiful insects that attract the attention of photographers, painters and insect collectors. Ornithoptera priamus is the most common species that can be found along the coastal area of the Pacific region. The male has got green and black colors whereas the female one has got brown to dark, white and yellow colors. Female is usually bigger that the male.

Coastal Development and Habitat Loss

Although birdwing butterfly Ornithoptera priamus is still abundant in many islands between Australia and Southeast Asia, their population is significantly reduced due to rapid development of human settlements in highly populated islands. Habitat loss can be seen in New Guinea where huge areas of lowland forest in the coastal region is cut. We still hope to see this species of beautiful butterfly in the frontyards of houses where there are Hibiscus flower-plants grows. You could buy the following artwork of hibiscus flower and the birdwing butterfly.