Birding in the Forest of Sorong Regency

Sorong is a city in South West Papua Province of Indonesia. It has become the entrance gate for visitors who want to go to Raja Ampat and Tambrauw regency.

The mangrove forest of Sorong is the habitat of Brown-backed Honeyeater, Orange-fronted Fruit Dove, Willie Wagtail, White-bellied Cuckooshrike, Sacred Kingfisher, Oriental Dollarbird, Common Plover, White-breasted Woodswallow, Blue-black Kingfisher, Nankeen Night Heron, and a lot more.

As a matter of fact, Sorong regency has got significant area of lowland rainforest that is the natural habitat of birds, marsupials, butterflies and various unique plants. If we go further to remote areas, we will be able to watch more birds and other wildlife including birds of paradise.

Lesser Bird of Paradise
Male Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor)

The birding tour in Sorong's forest can be combined with tour to other areas in Raja Ampat where participants can watch Beach Kingfisher, Sacred Kingfisher, Moustached Treeswift, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Whimbrel, Spice Imperial Pigeon, Eclectus Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Olive-backed Sunbird, Black Sumbird, Papuan Black Myzomela, Great-billed Parrot, Striated Heron, Osprey and etc.

Malagufuk Forest
There is a forest area outside Sorong that I have promoted as a birding destination. It is called Malagufuk forest. It is located in the east of Sorong around 1.5 hours by 4WD car and another 1.5 hours walk into the jungle. There is a small hut in the middle of the jungle for visitors who want to watch birds and other wild animals and plants of New Guinea.

The Birds

The tropical rainforest in Malagufuk is the natural habitat of various species of birds. Some of them are listed below:

Large Fig Parrot Bird
Large Fig Parrot (Micropsittaculirostris desmarestii)



  • snakes
  • various kinds of small lizards
  • soa-soa lizards
  • In addition to watching Birds of Paradise, visitors can also do night walk in the jungle to watch wallaby. It is a nocturnal marsupial animal that looks like kangaroo but smaller.

    Every day, there are regular flights between Sorong and some major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Makassar, Manado, Ambon, Jayapura and Manokwari.

    Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air, and Sriwijaya Air have got daily flight service to Sorong city. Most visitors fly to this city and then continue their trip by fast passenger ferry from Pelabuhan Rakyat in Sorong city to Waisai harbor in Waigeo island. By smaller speed boats, they will continue their trip by traveling around such islands as Kri, Mansuar, Gam, Fam and Wayag. They travel by boats to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and seeing beautiful marine landscape of Raja Ampat. Most visitors stay for 5 or 7 days up to 2 weeks in Raja Ampat. Most tourists think that Sorong is only a transit point.


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