Colored Pencil Sketch of Anggrem Harbor

Colored Pencil Sketch of Anggrem harbor in Manokwari
Colored Pencil Sketch of Anggrem harbor.

Here is a colored pencil sketch of Anggrem harbor which I made approximately in 2010. I was guiding Katja - a German tourist on a sightseeing tour around Manokwari town at that time. We were there in the afternoon when the weather was very hot and humid. The piers were made of wood. Some wooden boats were at the harbor at that time. In the drawing, a man was carrying a sack of portland cement on his back. The brand of the cement was Semen Tonasa. He and his friends (not seen in the sketch) were loading one of the boats with construction materials that would be sent to a remote coastal village in the south or, perhaps, north west region of Manokwari.

When I was a little boy, Anggrem was the dumping ground of some old ships left by the Dutch.

I usually made a sketch, first, using an ordinary 2B graphite pencil. After that I gave colors on it. I used Derwent Watercolor pencils.

Now the wooden pier does not exist anymore. It has been replaced by concrete pier. Locally produced portland cement - Semen Conch - manufactured by a Chinese company SDIC is now dominating the regional market. Anggrem harbor still plays important roles as the transportation hub between Manokwari and a lot of coastal villages in the north coast and eastern coast of the regency and up to Cendrawasih bay. The wooden boats are still used by local people to transport goods and people. However, bigger and faster steel vessels have slowly replaced them.

Looking at this small sketch, I remember the small town of Manokwari with its beautiful scenery of Dorey bay. Now the small town has turned into a small city that is growing rapidly due to its current status as the capital of Papua Barat province.

Manokwari is still attractive as tourist destination especially for birdwatchers and scuba divers. There are some shipwrecks in the waters of Dore bay. Between April and October, we often see liveaboard dive boats operate from Manokwari to Cendrawasih bay. For birdwatching, the rainforest of Arfak range is a very important destination. Susnguakti forest located in the south of the city is a site for watching Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise, Hooded Butcherbird, and etc. - written by Charles Roring.

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