Butterfly Watching Tour in West Papua of Indonesia

West Papua is a great region in Indonesia. Most of its land is still covered by tropical rainforest which is the habitat of a lot of species of plants and animals. There are beautiful butterflies and other insects which visitors can see when they visit West Papua.

insect watching in West Papua
Butterfly Watching Tour in West Papua region of Indonesia

Interesting Places for Butterfly Watching

birdwing butterfly of West Papua

Sausapor Town

This is a small town in the north coast of West Papua. Because it is not far from the forest, visitors can enjoy hiking and beach walking along its coast to see interesting species including the Silky Owl Butterfly and Tiger Butterflies, and Cruiser Butterflies.

Klasow Valley

Most Tourists go to Klasow valley to enjoy birdwatching and wildlife watching. However, the forest of this valley is also the habitat of various colorful butterflies including the great eggfly butterfly, moths and a lot of stick and leaf insects.

Ornithoptera birdwing butterfly of West Papua

Susnguakti Forest

This is a paradise for anything rainforest. Visitors can stay in a basecamp in the middle of the forest to watch various species of butterflies, beetles and other insects. Night walk in Susnguakti forest will allow visitors to see grasshopper, insects and a lot of moths.

Raja Ampat Islands

Most tourists go to Raja Ampat to enjoy swimming over coral reef and see colorful marine creatures. Along the coastal area of the island, flower plants such as hibiscus attract big butterflies including the Common Green Birdwing and Idea Durvillei butterfly.

Wasior Town

This is a small town in Wondama bay regency. A lot of visitors go there to enjoy snorkeling, sightseeing and wildlife watching. Hibiscus, lemon and other tropical plants that grow in the forest attract butterflies and other insects. This is a highly recommended destination for visitors who want to enjoy both the beautiful beach scenery and the rainforest. Coral reef is near the beach. There are hotels and lodges which visitors can choose to stay during butterfly watching and other ecotourism activities. Because the town is well connected to 4G internet connections, visitors can directly upload pictures of butterflies that they see into social media or inaturalist website.

How to get to West Papua

The main gate of West Papua is Sorong city and Manokwari city. Visitors can fly to these city from Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) or Bali (the main tourist hub). There are big and small hotels both in Manokwari and Sorong. International visitors need to fly from their country to Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, Manado city of North Sulawesi. These are big cities in Indonesia. There are daily flights that connect these cities with Manokwari city and Sorong city.

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