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Berwisata ke Raja Ampat

Kepulauan Raja Ampat di Provinsi Papua Barat adalah salah satu destinasi wisata bahari yang sudah terkenal di Indonesia maupun di mancanegara.

terumbu karang dan ikan tropis
Terumbu Karang di Raja Ampat

Banyak sekali wisatawan yang berkunjung ke sana untuk melihat pemandangan laut dan pulau-pulau tropis yang indah sekali. Keanekaragaman hayati maritim di Raja Ampat adalah yang tertinggi di dunia. Hal ini menjadikan kepulauan itu sebagai destinasi wisata snorkeling dan scuba diving.

The Red Paradise Birds of Waigeo Island

There are several species of birds that live in Waigeo, Gam, Batanta, Salawati and Misool islands of Raja Ampat. The famous ones are Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson's Bird of Paradise. However, there are other species that visitors can also watch such as the Lesser Birds of Paradise, and the King Bird of Paradise in Misool island.

Birding in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a great destination in Indonesia for both domestic and international birders. Its tropical rainforest and coastal areas are home such birds as Red Bird of Paradise, Palm Cockatoo, Lowland Peltop, and Eclectus Parrot. Birding as ecotourism activity is still very new in this archipelago. Birding visitors are highly advised to bring their own birding devices such as binoculars, and spotting scope.

Birds of Paradise

The tropical rainforest of West Papua is the natural habitat of tens of species of birds of paradise such as Western Parotia, Magnificent Riflebird, Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise, Magnificent Bird of Paradise, Black Sicklebill, Long-tailed Paradigala, Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise, Glossy Manucode, and etc. They become important attractions for visitors who want to see them in their own natural habitat.

Ballerina Bird

Western Parotia is called a ballerina dancer because its male bird performs courtship dance that looks like a ballet one.

Magnificent Bird of Paradise

Magnificent Bird of Paradise (Diphyllodes magnificus) lives in lower montane forest of Tanah Papua or New Guinea. People in West Papua call it - Cendrawasih Belah Rotan. In Arfak mountains, its name is Knang. There are several places in West Papua that have become the watching sites for Magnificent Bird of Paradise. Some of them include: Ayapokiar village and Fef in Tambrauw mountains; Syioubri, Kwau and Maybri in Arfak range.

King Bird of Paradise

King Bird of Paradise is one of the 38 species of paradise birds of New Guinea. It is a small bird but has got beautiful red and white feather with yellow-orange bill. The bird likes to live among the rottan vines that are hanging to the ground from high tree.

There are some birdwatching sites in West Papua. The ones that I highly recommend are Susnguakti forest, Mount Soyti and lowland forest in the northern coast of the regency.

Lesser Birds of Paradise

Lesser Birds of Paradise live in lowland and lower montane forest of New Guinea. They are important target of watching among birding visitors because they have got very beautiful feather. The birds are usually active in the mornings and in the afternoons. Their behaviour is similar to Red Bird of Paradise but they have got different colours in their feather. Lesser Birds of Paradise can be watched in Susnguakti forest of Manokwari; Wondama Peninsula; Ayapokiar, Syugrar, and Syuan of Tambrauw mountains; Klasow valley of Sorong regency; Misool island of Raja Ampat.

Birdwatching in West Papua

West Papua region is a very important birdwatching destination in Indonesia and in the world because its tropical rainforest is the natural habitat of tens of species of birds of paradise as well as hundreds of species of other tropical birds.

Birding in Tambrauw Mountains

Tambrauw Mountains are located between Manokwari and Sorong. There are several sites that I highly recommend for birdwatching. The ones in highland region are the natural habitat of New Guinea Vulturine Parrot, Hooded Pitta, Red-bellied Pitta, Mountain Peltop, and even the Magnificent Bird of Paradise.